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Entrust your digital money to the cryptocurrency experts.

It is often that only privileged investors and financial institutions who enjoy profits gained from cryptocurrency trading and markets.We founded 12DailyCoins to break down the barriers to cryptocurrency trading for people. 

Our Mission

By cryptocurrency emergence, we are stepping to the new era that can make human future thoroughly different. This technology can affect all aspects of our life and balance the current of money among people.
By developing the blockchain technology, accessibility of digital exchanges and information technology all around the world and on the other hand the new opportunity for making money by investing in new projects. By considering the cryptocurrency, harsh variations and the skills that needed to harness the mentioned profit we decided to develop a platform for facilitate the trading process.
Our team is consisted of financial experts with great experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. They consistently investigate and monitor the markets in order to take the highest advantage of the markets. We have tried to make cryptocurrency investing simple and giving people access to affordable and personalized investment experiences. 

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Our online investment in US $: 100.00

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Monitor since 13. Jan. 2019

Last payout: 22. Jan. 2019

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Online investment plan

12% daily

12 %
Daily for 12 Days


Minimum: $ 10

Maximum: $ 100.000

Withdrawal Daily: Yes

Principal Return: No

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