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ССС8 profit club

The CCC8 venture fund is engaged in multidirectional activities, directing investment capital mainly to promising projects and promising startups with high investment liquidity. By accumulating investors ' funds and forming venture capital for the so-called "alternative investments", we get the necessary resource to generate maximum profits. Since the special analytical Department of the Fund carries out a deep and multi-factor analysis of a large number of promising SWOT projects, we filter out the most risky investment objects and minimize losses that are repeatedly compensated by successful investments.
Investment Fund CCC8 is engaged not only in financing, but also in supporting the implementation of projects, takes an indirect part in their management, which allows determining the analytical indicator of profitability and the best moments to exit the investment project. As a result of each successful transaction, our company receives hundreds or even thousands of percent of the profit, which is provided, including the equity factor, since the venture investor is mainly a shareholder of the company, that is, its co-owner.
An additional high-yield direction for CCC8 is trading popular and steadily growing in price cryptocurrencies, which allows resorting to a strategy of diversification growth. For each of these areas formed a special commission consisting of experts in Economics, analysts, currency trading, management, etc.
In order to increase working capital, the management of the CCC8 fund decided to use an alternative lever to attract investment. Recently, our investors and strategic partners (with limited liability) can become not only legal entities but also individuals, without high requirements for the candidacy of the investor. Flexible policy in the international investment market and effective management structure of our company allow us to balance the interests of small and large investors, to provide them with equally comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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ССС8 profit club
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