120% after 1 day,
190% after 3 days,
340% after 5 day,
principal included.
Min/Max: $ 10.00 / $ 120.000.00
Referral: Yes
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $30.00
Payout Ratio: 45%
Last Payout: 17 hours ago
Added: Aug 1st, 2020
Monitored: 48 days
Lifetime: 48 days
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Very Good
Sep 17th, 2020 13:44:58
Beneficial site. Try it and you will see how nice it is.
Very Good
Sep 17th, 2020 13:09:29
The amount of 52.74 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U36184002->U4116****. Memo: API Payment. Batch no: 334857667
Very Good
Sep 17th, 2020 12:33:06
Bitcoin received! hash~91867796bb32a2aa2363d354ef790e8f18d435bcc3ffec71f68af69d7e7cddc9.. 0.00460462 BTC. Payment received.
Very Good
Sep 16th, 2020 21:06:19
106.08btc in completion from the program now to my account. Thanks.
Very Good
Sep 15th, 2020 05:54:33
Great Paid $74 In Perfect Money Account, The withdrawal request is paid on time with the batch: 334572387.
Very Good
Sep 15th, 2020 04:20:08
Good day, I received my investment result today from this HYIP and this been the very first investment result earned from this hyip. soon to make new deposit.
Very Good
Sep 14th, 2020 15:26:35
More returns here on various reinvestments made in the project and its still solid
Very Good
Sep 14th, 2020 13:33:48
very good site for invest
Very Good
Sep 14th, 2020 12:48:25
0.00962486 BTC to this address today for me...1HHK3Fp63Hc2sGBfna3Y3niEukAQPMELEU
Very Good
Sep 14th, 2020 12:25:27
$0.30 referral bonus from Afisfund. Thanks.
Very Good
Sep 13th, 2020 19:31:31
A nice administration. Easy to work with and grind out result so quick.
Very Good
Sep 12th, 2020 13:15:44
Good program. Paid like a swiss clock! Bitcoin received Bitcoin Transaction bb968ceea41c9eb832f2e92e4f0474667701e552c6bb686a3962c4fdff0b2644. 0.03073502 BTC
Very Good
Sep 12th, 2020 10:44:33
was successfully processed Date: 09:36 12.09.20. Batch id: 1135921034. $480. Received to from Afis Fund
Very Good
Sep 12th, 2020 10:17:53
Hope to pay us much longer. 12.09.20 08:36 Account Receive +215.19 USD from account U36184002 to account U620***. Batch: 333263958. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Karel
Very Good
Sep 12th, 2020 09:20:31
This is done out of happiness. Thanks for the instant profit. 61.05$ paid, good profit, instant payment now.
Very Good
Sep 10th, 2020 16:39:43
Thanks for The help, you get my investment going, and putting me in good shape around the ecomomic world!
Very Good
Sep 9th, 2020 20:15:03
The daily profits I am earning here is increasing everyday
Very Good
Sep 9th, 2020 09:21:09
yOUR HyiP sure for real, bitcoin withdrawal completed. 0.00026134 BTC to 1NioW9qbGFnJW5LRRZpfnumTuWffhtsVmN
Very Good
Sep 9th, 2020 08:14:27
I am a beautiful young man that fell in love with his own reflection after making a lot of profit from this project! Seeing myself now as one of the milionaires around now....
Very Good
Sep 8th, 2020 07:36:11
Thanks for all the hard work The amount of 9.70 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U48752--
Very Good
Sep 7th, 2020 21:34:55
The best one ever ,,,, Thank you very much
Sep 5th, 2020 18:57:14
500 USD deposited to this site. Great site. Great support
Very Good
Sep 4th, 2020 22:25:10
Sep-4-2020 Withdrawal is done by Ven236421 @19:43 pm
Very Good
Sep 4th, 2020 20:04:13
I have a 5 star experience! Date : 2020-09-04 01:14 pm. Amount : 101.70 Currency :USD Batch : 332028117 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from AFIS FUND TO TOVAS.
Very Good
Sep 3rd, 2020 20:44:49
Nothing worth more than investing your program. It's really amazing dishing out profits...

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