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3% Daily for 45 days,
125% After 35 days,
principal included.
0.75% Daily for 20 days,
principal return.
Min/Max: $ 10.00 / $ 250,000.00
Referral: 7% - 2% -1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 91%
Last Payout: 122 days ago
Added: Jun 27th, 2020
Monitored: 32 days
Lifetime: 33 days
Bitcoin Blockchain Network Services Ltd. or is a company who introduces, facilitates and connects small, medium and large enterprises to the major advantages of utilising "Blockchain" within their operations. WHY CHOOSE OUR COMPANY? Our company does not only support the Blockchain Technology by introducing it to other companies but we are also the ones who provide the resources. Providing backend services to the deals we close through intermediary suppliers and service providers. We provide an all in one customised solutions package for any size of company, be it small to large scale operations. Bitcoin Blockchain Network Services Limited is a registered corporation in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves in opening our doors to the public who are looking for a residual income. Our company multi streams generation of interests through capitalization of blockchain projects which pay off a huge dividend at the end of each contract. Since we accept even the small scale development projects, we are able to allocate a percentage of opening for any type of interested members, from small to large financial capacities. On the side (approximately 40% of the operation), our in-house experienced team of traders toggles the profit switch through various trades in the cryptocurrency trading market, in a stable and constant positive effect on our financial stand-point.
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Bit Networkers statistics, payouts

Bit Networkers payout ratio: 91%
Bit Networkers profit: $91.20 in 30 payouts
Our Bit Networkers investment: $100.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Jul 26th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 25th, 2020 $4.20
Profit Jul 25th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 24th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 23rd, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 22nd, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 21st, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 20th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 19th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 18th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 17th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 16th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 15th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 14th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 13th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 12th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 11th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 10th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 9th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 8th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 7th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 6th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 5th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 4th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 3rd, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 2nd, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jul 1st, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jun 30th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jun 29th, 2020 $3.00
Profit Jun 28th, 2020 $3.00
Spend Jun 27th, 2020 $100.00
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