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2% Daily for 70 days,
4% Daily for 40 days,
6% Daily for 30 days,
principal included
Min/Max: $10 / $40,000
Referral: 4% - 8%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 100% in profit
Last Payout: 34 days ago
Added: Jun 2nd, 2021
Monitored: 27 days
Lifetime: 30 days
RXAVA LTD, a United Kingdom-based and registered company, is poised to make a lasting impact in the global financial industry as an offshore company. We have been in the offline sector for years and our years of experience in the industry speak for us. After working in the background for years, we decided to contribute to the online field after extensive market research and internal discussion. It’s our little way of achieving our organizational goals. In a nutshell, RXAVA LTD is an investment consulting and money management firm. We offer the best and most reliable legal investment methods in digital assets, notably cryptocurrencies. These individuals and groups pay us for our services as we take a commission from the profit we make from investing their money. As our client base increases, our capital increases correspondingly. For years, we focused on providing our service exclusively to the United Kingdom community. After delivering years of satisfactory service to our UK clients, we decided to expand our services to other parts of the world by taking advantage of the Internet and the online community. As our company goes public, potential clients from any part of the world can reach out to us, invest their money, and earn passively from their investments through our company. We treat our investors as VIPs because they are an integral part of our company and our success story.
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Rxava Ltd statistics, payouts

Rxava Ltd payout ratio: 100% in profit
Rxava Ltd profit: $100.00 in 25 payouts
Our Rxava Ltd investment: $100.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Jun 27th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 26th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 25th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 24th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 23rd, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 22nd, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 21st, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 20th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 19th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 18th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 17th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 16th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 15th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 14th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 13th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 12th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 11th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 10th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 9th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 8th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 7th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 6th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 5th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 4th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Jun 3rd, 2021 $4.00
Spend Jun 2nd, 2021 $100.00
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